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OccMed Connect is a medical franchise business opportunity for physicians to to offer Occupational Health services as a revenue generating expansion to their existing practice. 

OccMed Connect helps practices serve the needs of clients, business owners and managers, who have employees that need occupational health services, routine testing, and lab work.

What Is OccMed Connect?

OccMed Connect is a leader in occupational health, with over 30 years of experience in substance abuse testing, safety & compliance training, supporting companies across the USA. 

We take a complex, tedious process of occupational health and simplify it. We are a “one stop shop” for all of our members and corporate clients. 

Increased Demand

Businesses are placing greater emphasis on employee health and safety, with a rise in demand for occupational health services, drug screenings, and safe work environments. 

Opportunity for Growth

As the demand for occupational health services continues to grow, there is a significant opportunity for healthcare practices to expand their offerings and revenue streams.

Comprehensive Support

We provide ongoing training and support to ensure the success of our franchisees. From marketing assistance to operational guidelines, our comprehensive support system is in place.

What We Do

We enable physicians to cover occupational health services by expansion through our unique franchised model.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

D.O.T. Drug Screening

MUST Drug Screen Collection

Employment Drug Screen

Court Ordered Testing

Private Drug Screening

Breath Alcohol Testing

Lab Work / Titers / School/ Employment / Wellness

Glucose / Cholesterol / Vision Testing

Blood Pressure Screening

Employment Physicals

New Hire Physicals

Respirator Physicals

Asbestos Physicals

MCOLES Physicals

Fire Fighter Physicals

TB Testing

Lab Work / Titers / School / Employment / Wellness

Employment / School Sports Physicals

On-site Wellness Fairs

OSHA Compliance

Respirator Fit Testing

Surveillance Lab Work/Blood Lead

Pulmonary Function Testing

OSHA Respirator Quest Review

Digital Chest X-Ray

TB Testing

Vision Testing

MUST Program

Surveillance Physicals by Appointment

Why Own An OccMed Connect Franchise?

The demand for services such as drug screenings, safe work environments, and health and safety training is expected to continue to rise. 

In order to meet this growing need, health practices are seeking ways to expand their offerings and revenue streams by adding specialized occupational health services.

Becoming a franchise owner with OccMed Connect gives you access to this and so much more.

*1.8x Higher Sales

Drive 1.8 times higher sales than comparable non-franchised establishments.

*2.3x More Jobs

Provide 2.3 times as many jobs than their non-franchise counterparts.

*Opens Opportunities

Pass success to employees in the form of higher wages, benefits and/or advancement.

*According to the “Open for Opportunity” market research, franchised businesses.

More Reasons To Own

Reduced Investment 

We operate inside of a host medical facility - greatly reducing initial investment and time to startup.

Small Footprint 

Our modular design fits right in to your existing medical facility.

Low Overhead

Low overhead and minimal staffing needed. Add OccMed services to existing practice.

We Perform 

We are proud of our performance history shared in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Increased Demand

Increased demand for occupational testing for safety in the workplace.

OSHA Requirements

Testing we do is required by DOT and OSHA on a regular basis.

Employer Contracts

Contract with employers and bill them when testing is complete.

Employee Well-Being & Productivity

One of the key factors in achieving optimal productivity in the workplace is ensuring the well-being of employees. Studies have shown that investing in occupational health services can lead to lower employee turnover rates, reduced healthcare costs, and increased productivity. 

When employees feel supported in their health and safety, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work, leading to higher levels of productivity and overall success for the organization.

Impact of Regulatory Changes

Changes in occupational health standards are reshaping the industry and creating new challenges and opportunities for health practices. There is a growing demand for clinics to offer specialized occupational health services to ensure compliance and safety in the workplace. 

By franchising with OccMed Connect, clinics can access a range of specialized occupational health services, training, and support to meet the needs of businesses seeking comprehensive health solutions. 

Occupational Health Franchise - FAQ

Why is there a growing demand for occupational health services?

The focus on employee well-being, safety regulations, and the importance of a healthy workforce has increased significantly, driving the demand for occupational health services.

How does OccMed Connect assist clinics in offering occupational health services?

OccMed Connect provides a comprehensive suite of occupational health services, including training, support, and a network of resources to help clinics seamlessly integrate these services into their practice.

What are some services offered in occupational health?

Essential services in occupational health include drug screenings, ensuring safe work environments, health and safety training, and compliance with workplace regulations.

What sets OccMed Connect apart from other occupational health service providers?

OccMed Connect stands out with our unique approach that services the needs of clinics, providing ongoing support, and a franchising opportunity for those looking to expand their practice.

How can adding occupational health services help a clinic expand its revenue streams?

By adding occupational health services, medical practices can tap into a new market segment, providing needed services to local businesses, and their employees, which increases revenue.

How can clinics benefit from franchising with OccMed Connect?

Clinics can benefit from franchising with OccMed Connect by gaining access to a proven business model, a network of support, and a range of occupational health services to offer, ultimately leading to growth and success.

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Client Testimonials

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Available Territories

OccMed Connect franchises are available now in states listed in dark blue. States shown in light blue are coming soon. All other states are scheduled for future expansion and subject to change.

Contact us directly for franchise territories in specific cities and towns, as there may be additional opportunities not reflected in this map.

Have Questions about franchise territories? Contact us today.

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